The Journey Ends

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At about 9:30 this morning, Audrey Maria went to be with Jesus . Continuing to demonstrate the tenacity that marked her brief mortal life, she fought back several times thru the course of the early morning hours before finally heeding her Father’s call to come home. While we already miss her with at a depth […]


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As we had hoped, we were able to bring Audrey home last Thursday afternoon. While it has introduced the ‘normal’ challenges of having a new born in the home, these are gladly traded for the daily treks to the hospital. Audrey continues to do well. She is eating regularly and is showing no ill affects […]

A Wonderful Weekend

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Audrey Update – 10/16/2007 We have completed a wonderful weekend with Audrey being able to receive visits from her extended family. The hospital graciously provided us with a private patient room just outside the ICU where we could have as many visitors as we wanted. At one point, there about 15 of us (brothers and […]


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October 12, 2007 Yesterday we officially learned what we had suspected (and feared) was the case. Audrey Maria has Trisomy 18 – which is “a genetic disorder associated with the presence of extra material for chromosome 18”. It explains the health problems she has endured thus far – and also means her time with us […]

October 9th Update

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Today was a bit of a mixed bag – that ended well. The good news is that the antibiotics appear to be working and the NEC is clearing up. Audrey will remain on IV feeding only for probably 2 weeks – but surgery (at least for now) has been averted. The challenge of the day […]

Moving Day

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This morning, Audrey was diagnosed with Necrotizing Enterolitis (NEC) which is a serious issue with her intestines. This resulted in her doctors deciding that she needed to be under the care of a surgeon in addition to the normal NICU staff, so she was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Oakland. Because of this condition, they […]

One Week Update

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Audrey Update – Friday 10/5/07 It has already been a week! Time flies when…..well let’s just say it flies. Audrey remains in ICU. She is slowly beginning to take to the idea of eating. Today she was able to draw about 15cc from a bottle. The balance of her nutrition is still delivered thru the […]

Welcome Baby Audrey!

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Audrey Maria was born on Friday September 28, 2007. She weighed 5 pounds 5.3 ounces and measured 17 1/4 inches long. Though scheduled to have labor induced on that day, Sara (Mom) went into labor on her own the night before. Her water broke (again, on it’s own) about 9:00 AM, and labor proceeded relatively […]