One Week Update

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Audrey Update – Friday 10/5/07

It has already been a week! Time flies when…..well let’s just say it flies. Audrey remains in ICU. She is slowly beginning to take to the idea of eating. Today she was able to draw about 15cc from a bottle. The balance of her nutrition is still delivered thru the tube. The doctors have upped the caloric content of her meals (adding some formula to the breast milk) to try to help her along. They walk a fine line as the are giving her medicine to reduce her fluids to keep her lungs clear – so they don’t want to contradict that by increasing the volume of oral liquids. (I’m so glad they know what they are doing!). On that note – we would like to mention that the care that Audrey is being given at John Muir is extraordinary. The doctors (particularly Dr. Murphy) and the nurses (particularly Carmelita) are compassionate caring individuals. They act as if Audrey is the only patient in the world, taking time to answer all of our questions and helping us along. Given the circumstances, she could not be in a better place.

Audrey Update – Saturday 10/6/07
Audrey had another chest X-ray today which showed no change – which is good news in that it means her VSD is not getting any worse. She drank twice from a bottle – once about 20cc and again for about 15cc. (She has feedings every three hours around the clock.). Her most awake time is usually in the morning for the 8:00 and 11:00 feedings. She is still not putting on any weight – in fact she is down about 20% from her birth weight. We are awaiting the results of some tests, which are due mid next week. We are hoping the test results will shed some light on the cause of her condition and aid in her treatment. Tomorrow is family visiting day where the ‘under 14s’ can pay her a visit.

*P.S. We are hoping to put up some new pictures and add some video of Audrey within the next couple of days, so keep checking back!*

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  1. Nannette says:

    I pray daily for the Woods family & the new addition.
    I applaud Rachel for the technical information she is giving out. As a nurse, myself, I could not do any better. BRAVO Rachel.!!
    The LORD has you all in his hands and wil continue to give you love & strength.
    Nannette (Uncle Brian’s mother)

  2. Amber says:

    What a precious little girl..I love the name. That is what I wanted to name my son if he had been born a girl. I am Stefanie Arnold’s older sister Amber. I read about your daughter on her blog. We will be keeping your family and baby Audrey in our prayers.

  3. The Matt Family says:

    Dear Wood Family,

    Thank you for the updates. You are in our thoughts and prayers. May God strengthen you each moment.

    With Love,
    Sue and the rest of the Matt Family

  4. Sonya Gala says:

    Our thoughts, prayers and well wishes are with you! Daniel and Ruben send their love and Daniel said, “Mom please tell Mrs. Wood that we are praying for her and the baby.”

    So now you have prayers that have transcended borders!

    Our best to you all.

    Sonya Gala

  5. Denise says:

    Thank you for the update. So glad to hear that she is eating a bit more by mouth but sorry that she is not gaining weight. Please let us know test results when you get them and any specific ways we can be praying for Audrey and for you, Sam & Sara.

  6. The Bolles Family says:

    Dear Wood Family,

    We are keeping your family in our prayers.

    The slide show was beautiful.
    Justin said, “Audrey is so cute.”

    The Bolles Family

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