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As we had hoped, we were able to bring Audrey home last Thursday afternoon. While it has introduced the ‘normal’ challenges of having a new born in the home, these are gladly traded for the daily treks to the hospital. Audrey continues to do well. She is eating regularly and is showing no ill affects from her NEC (intestinal issue). She is continuing to take two medications for her heart (orally now) and that condition seems to be stable. She was 4 lb 7 oz at her last weigh-in. Her release from the hospital placed her in our care with the support of Comfort for Kids, which is the pediatric arm of Hospice of the East Bay. We have a wonderful support team of nurses (particularly Sharon) working with our pediatrician. It is a great comfort to know they are only a phone call away.

Among the ‘normal’ challenges mentioned above is Audrey’s having her days and nights mixed up. She seems to sleep most of the day away and wants to eat about every 90 minutes from midnight to dawn. Her brothers and sisters are adjusting well – and still fight over who gets to hold her. We broke out the Sassy seat this morning and she joined us at the breakfast table. At times – it is easy to forget that her time with us will be short as we work thru the daily issues and tasks. However at other times (and probably most of the time for Sara) thoughts of her leaving are our constant companion. We remain exceedingly grateful to the many, many friends and family who continue to help and support us with play dates and meals etc.

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  1. Sonya Gala says:

    WELCOME HOME AUDREY!!! You are just the sweetest baby and we rejoice that you are home… surrounded with all the love and care of your family and friends.

    All our love,
    The Gala Family

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Woods Family,
    I know that there is nothing anyone can say to make you feel better. But, just by reading all of these blogs, I can see that you are all being strong and courageous. By finding strength in the Lord. That´s what I find so amazing that you as a family can praise the Lord in the heat of the storm. If you can praise the Lord in the midst of the storm then you can surely praise Him in the days of happiness. I believe that is what the Lord wants is for all of His children to praise Him in the good and the bad times. But I´m sure that there are times that you feel empty and torn, but those are days that you need to hold onto the Lord the most. I thank God for every day Audrey Maria is with you. I believe that if it´s the Lord´s will He can heal Audrey. I´m going to have the faith, and just rely on the Lord. But if it´s the not the Lord´s will we still need to praise the Lord, because His will is above our knowledge and understanding. The Lord knows what He´s doing, He doesn´t do anything without a purpose.

    Just know that there are friends that are praying and supporting you all in these hard times. Revalation 3:8-13

    A brother in Christ

  3. Daniel Gala says:

    Dear Woods family,
    I´ve been keeping up with the updates. What I can see from reading the blogs and what my mom has told me, your are all being strong. I am constantly praying for you all, and having the faith for a miracle. Know that you have people praying for you in El Salvador too. Audrey is a very cute baby, and I praise the Lord that she got to go home with you all.

    Love your brother in Christ,
    Daniel Gala

  4. Jill says:

    So glad little Audrey is home with you! May your days be filled with many blessings and sweet times of family ‘togetherness!’

    love jill and family

  5. The Matt Family says:

    The pictures are beautiful!! What a sweet gift from the Lord. Please know that you are in our continual prayers.

    With Love,
    The Matt Family

  6. Barbara says:

    Sara & Sam,

    Please let me know if you need anything. I would be more than happy to run errands, take and pick up kids, go to the store etc.


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